The RTMBC Club operates the First Response Unit in the forest, and is involved in running various events in Rotorua – from the low key club events like the Triple Crown and Low Key Super D, the immensely popular Giant 2W Gravity Enduro races, right the way up to hosting the 2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships.

Part of the club's mission is rider development and encouraging everyone to climb on a bike and feel that same sense of joy that comes from riding a bike through the forest.

All these events and programs takes a lot of time and the Club has a strong volunteer base that ensures the work gets done. Past RMTBC club committee members and club volunteers have put in hundreds of hours over the last quarter century to make Rotorua a better place to live, work and ride our bikes.

The outcome is that our city is now the premier, all-year-round mountain biking resort…in the world.

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