About the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club

The Club's mission is broadening  

The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club's mission over recent years has been to maintain the reputation of the Whakarewarewa Forest’s magnificent trail network situated just south of the city as one of the world’s premier mountain biking destinations. While the club will always be a voice for mountain bikers on what trails you want, the responsibility for trail development and maintenance now sits with the Rotorua Trails Trust. The Club president sits on the Rotorua Trails Trust.

The Club's mission is now rider focused. We continue to be about fostering the talent of riders who have learnt their craft on our trails. We are growing rider development pathways, from affordable skill sessions for the everyday rider through to a race development programme. This is seen as one vision from zero to hero.  

Club members want to share the passion for riding. As a club we want to be involved in community outreach to do what we can to get more people enjoying the sport of mountain biking. 

We are bringing back our focus on mountain bike events for club members. Remember the Triple Crown? That was a Club run event. For those riding looking for a bit of fun there is the Low Key Super D's and the Club XC races. For those looking to test there skills the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is the key event. It is a widely recognised event that attracts hundreds and sells out every time.

A key goal recently has been to improve and support the existing emergency response for injured riders in the Whakarewarewa forest. The Club has partnered up with Mountain Bike Rotorua and Peak Safety to set up the First Response team. This is a world class first response team who will keep you safe, should you ever come into trouble. They are equipped with a blue buggy and a Giant E-Bike so they will get to you faster than anyone else. 0800 WHAKA 1 is their number, save it, now.

The Club is home to successful riders across the spectrum

We are affiliated to MTBNZ and Cycling NZ, the national advocates for mountain biking, and have close ties with the NZ Mountain Bike Performance Hub.

Our riders at elite level are licensed to race through MTBNZ and CyclingNZ for national and international events. 

The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club was founded in the mid-1990’s with all the above in mind. We are an Incorporated Society and are registered with the Department of Internal Affairs-Charities as a charitable organisation giving the club a status in law and commerce.

In our short history we have run a range of events from club races right up to the 2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships - all driven by the community members and by core groups of dedicated enthusiasts, who are mountain bikers, first and foremost.