Club Social Rides

Club Social Rides

Exploring different trail routes, having a yarn and meeting like-minded people - that’s what Club Social Rides are all about.

At the moment there is a weekly Ladies Social Ride happening, however we’d love more! If you have an idea for a social ride and someone keen to host them, please email and we’ll help to set it up.


Ladies Social Rides (Grade 3-4)

Join an epic crew of women to explore new mountain bike routes, enjoy great yarns and to meet some new mates.

The latest season of Ladies Social Rides started on Thursday 14th October, 2021.


Day: Weekly on a Thursday

Time: 5:45pm 

Depart from: The bottom of Nursery Road, Titokorangi Road End (near Dodzy Skills Park entry)

Led by: The legendary Trac(e)ys - Tracey Sutherland (RMTBC Committee member) and Tracy Van Der Mewe (on the Rotorua Trails Trust team)

Trail grades: 3 - 4

Fitness level: All fitness levels welcome

What to expect: Many of us head out riding on our usual fave routes either solo, with our partner, or some mates. Ladies social rides are an opportunity to meet some other cool chicks, check out some interesting new trail routes and to have some great yarns along the way. Each ride has an element of fitness, with one hill in each ride that you may or may not have to stop the yarning up. But fear not, there’s a lengthy stop up the top to catch your breath. There’s also a tail end charlie to ensure everyone stays together and knows where to go.

Example routes from last season:

  • ​​Nursery Hill > Forest Loop all the way to Apumoana > Apumoana > Hot X Buns > Be Rude Not Too > Lions Trail > Turkish Delight > Old Exit

  • A trail > Tickler > Dragons > Web of bed ride > Lions > Turkish > Old exit

  • Up nursery > Arepa > Challenge middle > Rosebank > up nursery to Grinder > Pig trail > up Katore Road > down either Corridor or Tokorangi > Turkish > Old Exit. 

  • Head up to do the first part of As you do > left into Forest loop all the way to and up Apumoana >  at the top turn left carry on to the last bit of Direct road > left into Hill road > down Tukonohi back along Tarawera return track  > Tank to Town > Dual Slalom track and back. 

  • Up Nursery > up Katore > down Corridor first part > into Tokorangi > Soakhole > Grinder > Challenge up hill > Down the Guts > bottom of Challenge roadside > Rosebank > Forest Loop > turn into Arepa up > Te Huinga > up the Horrid Pinch into the 2nd part of New Exit to finish.