First Response

Your safety is important to us,                                                                                           That is why the Club has introduced the First Response Unit

The Club has partnered with Mountain Bike Rotorua and Peak Safety to provide a 7 day per week First Response Unit in the Whakarewarewa forest. This is a world class service which can, and will save your life, should you need them. The goals are to provide geographically informed professional medic service and speed up the extraction time from when the phone call (0800 WHAKA 1) is received to the patient being safe and/or on their way to hospital. On average they will be to you within 15 minutes. This does NOT take away from 111 or the rescue helicopter and if needed, call 111 as well. Constant communication with the ambulance team ensures that the First Response Unit safely get you to the nearest pick up point on the edge of the forest as quickly as possible. Look out for the blue buggy equipped with a Giant E-Bike - you never know when you might need it!

Part of the Club's mission is to encourage everyone to climb on a bike and feel that same sense of joy that comes from riding a bike through the forest. This starts with them feeling safe. You know that if you are ever going to need them, the First Response will be there. If you ever need their help, 0800 WHAKA 1 is the number to call.

The First Response is funded by ACC and a range of trusts and supporters listed on our sponsors page. If your organisation is keen to contribute to safety in the forest by supporting the First Response Unit please get in contact

Remember, the blue buggy equipped with a Giant E-Bike. 0800 WHAKA 1. Save the number NOW, you never know when you might need it.

To Continue This Work We Need Your Help

You can JOIN the club (and you don’t have to live in Rotorua to do so, you just need to love those trails).

Or you can DONATE.

Donations go towards making the the RMTBC First Response Unit sustainable long term and/or Events