Giant 2W Gravity Enduro

Giant 2W Gravity Enduro

The biggest and best ENDURO Series in the Southern Hemisphere is back - presented by the RMTBC!

Are you an Enduro rider looking to race your mates and see who's the fastest? Or are you out there to have some fun with other like-minded riders? Whatever your reason, the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is a must. 

The Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is Oceania’s biggest Enduro series! Cruise up (or shuttle up) and race down is the motto here and race format-wise we run a both full length multiple stage race and an abbreviated multiple stage race. The longer is unsurprisingly the harder of the two and is likely to have a few technical grade 5+ stage trail options built in for extra challenge. The shorter race is a technically simpler affair where the race offering is likely to be made up of grade 3 to 4 stages but none the less just as fun! Across both length of the race here are shuttle assisted and non-shuttled categories to cater to more layers of rider progression too.  

The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club own and operate the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro and engages an event delivery team to focus on continual improvements, with an aim to making each season progressively more awesome!  

The entire event series serves the main purpose of producing revenue to fund the Mark Dunlop Memorial Scholarship where the goal is to foster and develop role models in our community by supporting the racing ambitions of the scholarship recipient enabling international experience with a grant of up to $10 000 in any given year - details can be found below.

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The GIANT 2W Gravity Enduro series is the perfect build up to facing down the international field at the CRANKWORX GIANT TOA ENDURO as a part of the CRANKWORX ROTORUA FESTIVAL in MARCH 2020.



Mark was a much loved member of our community.  He was a passionate advocate of the sport that loved to foster and support other riders' mountain biking aspirations, and he had the courage to chase his dream overseas.

The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club owns and operates the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series each year with the primary goal of facilitating the Mark Dunlop Memorial Scholarship.


To foster and develop role models in our community by supporting the racing ambitions of the scholarship recipient enabling international experience with a grant of UP TO $10,000 (inc any gst)


This scholarship criteria for application/selection would be for riders who have ambitions for racing internationally. Money should be used to help the riders achieve experience at an international level.

• Riders must be 16 years or older and be a NZ resident/citizen.
• Must have ridden at least (two) Giant 2W Gravity Enduro events of the current season
• Demonstration of ability and supported performance achievement 
• Must have a firm commitment to race an international MTB event in the following calendar year
• Rotorua MTB Club Members to have first priority at scholarships
• Clear preference is to award to a single individual but the RMTBC will retain the right to split if appropriate
• Qualifying events include:
  • EWS rounds
  • Other suitable high profile international events at the discretion of the Club Committee
• In the absence of a suitable candidate in a given season the RMTBC reserves the right to withhold awarding the scholarship in any given year
• Professional factory/team riders are not eligible while they are on full contracts. This is aimed at supporting the privateer style rider.  Partially supported riders are still eligible


To protect and enhance the reputation of the Scholarship and the RMTBC then the Scholarship Recipient must: 

• Sign a RMTBC code of conduct contract and adhere to this to remain eligible for scholarship.
• Provide blogs/race reports including a report back to the RMTBC AGM 
• Regular (minimum monthly) social media posts that tag and recognise the Mark Dunlop Scholarship, Giant 2W Gravity Enduro and RMTBC.
• Make themselves available for a reasonable amount of club event support upon request.


• Applications / nominations open immediately after the completion of Race 2 of Giant 2W Gravity Enduro with the process ending with the scholarship being awarded at Race 3 prizegiving
• Email the Club Secretary at after Race 2 expressing interest and an info pack
• From here submit your nomination / application by email to the secretary 
• All applications and nominations will be examined and presented to the decision making panel
• No correspondence or debate will be entered into after the scholarship is awarded