Enduro Race Development Squad

Enduro Race Development Squad

Sharpen up your skills for competition with the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Enduro Race Development Squad.

Keen to get better at racing in Enduro and other types of events? Rotorua Mountain Bike Club wants to help young members aged 13-18 to hone their skills and be better prepared for the race environment. 

Each year, riders can apply to be in the Enduro Race Development Squad (made up of six to seven members). The squad gets to train with Tuned Rotorua pro coach Louis Hamilton over approximately 10 sessions during Terms 1 and 4. These sessions generally run on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm and are 50% funded by the club.


How to Apply

Notice of when applications are open will be notified on the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Facebook page, near the end of Term 3 (for the Term 4 squad) and in Term 4 (for the Term 1 squad). Applications need to be submitted by the rider and require the following information to be emailed to riderdevelopment@mtbclub.org.nz 

  • Race results
  • Goals and upcoming race schedule
  • Date of birth, address and contact email for invoice


2021 Term 4 Enduro Race Squad

The 2021 Term 4 Enduro Race Squad is:

  • Poppy Lane         
  • Bill Axon                
  • Toby Huston        
  • Theo Bennett     
  • Lewis Lei             
  • David Parnell