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terms & conditions

I agree to participate in Club activities at my own risk.  I agree to the Club holding my personal information in the Club’s records and that my details may be shared with Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ) and BikeNZ.

Returns Policy

Club membership is for the period September 1-August 31. Any discussion on returns will be decided according to the clubs constitution.

Donations. We are regisitered with Charities Services so there is generally a possibility of tax credits according to your individual position.

On goods purchased we offer a full refund provided to any goods returned to RMTBC, unopened in their original packaging and within 30 days. Shipping expenses, in both directions, are not refundable. If the goods you receive are faulty, we will replace those goods if they are returned to our warehouse within 30 days of purchase. Reimbursement for shipping expenses will be up to the value of the original quoted shipping cost. After 30 days returns and refunds are subject to manufacturers warranty.


The privacy of your customer data, orders and credit cards are important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party. We will only send you email newsletters to keep you updated. Credit card details are not stored anywhere on our servers nor in our premises. Your credit card details are processed in real time by an independent payment gateway authorised by our bank, using secure encryption.

Delivery Times

We will process your order within 1 business day following payment in cleared funds. Payment by online banking cannot be checked until the next business day. We will send you an email notifying you when your order has been shipped. Please allow up to 2 days for delivery domestically, or 1 week internationally.


We only accept VISA and MasterCard.

You will be charged in $NZD. If your credit card is in a different currency the exchange rate will be the rate in affect at the time the transaction is processed.