Rotorua is home to 180 kilometres of
world Class Mountain Bike Trails...

One of the benefits of a trail network located in an active commercial forest is that when trees are felled that trail is reinstated and previous problems are improved. The Whakarewarewa network has evolved over the years with most of the trails now build by professional trail builders and maintained by a strong group of volunteers. People still love the classic smooth digger built trails like Eagle vs Shark, Corners and Split Enz. Over the past ten years and a huge improvement in bikes, the birth of Enduro and the push from locals for harder trails there has been a significant change in the diversity of trails. This has lead to iconic natural trails like Tihi O Tawa, Kung Fu Walrus, Te Ahi Manawa and the challenging Frankenfurter-Riff Raff-Rocky Horror combo. Now there is over 180km of purpose built trail, all for you to enjoy.

“Rotorua, a haven of geysers and mud pools, the meeting place between tourism and Maoritanga.
And trails built by mountain bikers with mountain bikers in mind. Trails in verdant shade that dip and weave and roll. Trails that sneak through trees in a way that make hard riders hoot with joy yet, at the same time, could coax a huge grin to the face of a 70-year-old grandma on her first ride...get down on your knees and kiss the mulchy earth of these trails because they are the true treasure here.”
Mike Ferrentino, BIKE magazine, USA.

“Coming from Sydney, the notion of 150 kilometres of gravity assisted trail in the Whakarewarewa Forest is hard to believe. But every turn, every dip, every chute reminds you how real it is, and why Rotorua is a perfect MTB holiday destination.”
Mike Blewitt, editor, Australian Mountain Bike magazine.

Check out Ride Rotorua for all the information about the network with distances and grades.

We love all our trails - here are 10 of the best...brought to you by some friendly locals...