Double Brown Triple Crown

Chip butties - classic

The Triple Crown has a history as the longest standing enduro race in NZ. It was enduro before the sport of enduro developed. The Triple Crown, recently the Double Brown Triple Crown is a fairly relaxed race, that possibly doubles as the unofficial club champs.  

The Triple Crown has a few set guidelines. It must be in Winter, it must be rad and it must be followed up with chip-butties. Primarily the trails that get raced are grade 4/5 so it is advised to be confident on these kinds of trails.

Aside form the actual crowns for fastest male and female, this event has a trophy remembering Paddy Avery's favourite track, Hot Cross Buns. So there's a heads up on one of the three race trails! 

At this stage the event is open to anyone with discounted rates for Club members. The 2018 event has already passed and was a huge success, and it will be back for 2019. Watch this space!