BOSS Lights Wednesday Night XC

Get your lights out - the racing continues in the dark! These races are the place to be on a Wednesday night. You don't have to be a top racer, these events are for fun and catered for all! Anyone is welcome to come along, these events are races but are also for FUN!

The course is about 10km and takes around 30-45 mins to complete. Format is 4 nights per course. First night is a bunch ride to learn the course, second and third are timed and the last is a handicapped race. 

$2 entry - all money goes to the Club!
Rego: 6.30pm racing from 7pm
BBQ and spot prizes afterwards - BYO beer

Once you have entered once you will join the text list where at 5pm each Wednesday night you will get a text regarding weather and if it is a go or not.

Click here for more info!