The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Committee

The Committee’s goal is to facilitate, advocate, promote and encourage mountain biking in Rotorua.

With 14 members currently on the Committee, Rotorua is fortunate to have a passionate crew all bringing experience and enthusiasm to different areas in the mountain biking realm. 

The Committee’s aim is to foster the skills of young members, the passion of those who love to get out and ride, as well as creating opportunities for members to feel part of an inclusive and supportive Club environment.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

To be held by the end of August annually. (Unless circumstances do not allow e.g. Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown in 2021).

AGM 2023 date: Date to be advised


Committee members:


Name Email
President Steve Brown 
Secretary  Barb Jenks 
Treasurer  Stephen Graham


Rick Mexted
Membership  Jo Hastings
Rider Development Liason  Sarah Croucher    
Social Media  Dylan Walton  
Trials Liason Mat Hunt   
Community Liason Tu Mutu  
Events Support    
Social Engagement Liason Tracey Sutherland  


Note: The Rotorua MTB Club’s committee can have up to 15 members maximum.


The Constitution

To understand more about how The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Incorporated works, check out the Constitution and Rules here.