Giant 2W Gravity Enduro

Giant 2W Gravity Enduro

The biggest and best enduro series in the Southern Hemisphere is back!

Owned and operated by the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club - the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is Oceania’s biggest Enduro series.

The RMTBC engages an event delivery team to focus on continual improvements, with an aim to making each season progressively more awesome than the last!  

Are you an Enduro rider looking to race your mates and see who's the fastest? Or are you out there to have some fun with other like-minded riders? Whatever your reason, the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is a must.


Race Format

Cruise (or shuttle) up and race down is the motto here. Race format-wise, we run a both full length multiple stage race and an abbreviated multiple stage race. 

  • Full length multiple stage race - This is unsurprisingly the harder of the two and is likely to have a few technical grade 5+ stage trail options built in for extra challenge. 
  • Abbreviated multiple stage race  - This is technically simpler. The race is likely to be made up of grade 3 to 4 stages but nonetheless just as fun! 
  • Across both race lengths, there are shuttle assisted and non-shuttled categories to cater to more layers of rider progression.  

Visit the official Giant 2W Gravity Enduro website for more info and to keep up to date via our Facebook page be sure to 'Like' the page so you don't miss anything!