One of the most generous things you can do for the Club is to volunteer time to lend a hand.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of an organisation like the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club and it will only grow and get better if people volunteer. 

Sometimes people have awesome ideas about things the Club could be doing and the Committee will get on board with epic ideas! 

However, we need to remember The Committee all have full time jobs and families, so there isn’t the capacity to keep adding new things without volunteers as well. Please, come and get involved.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Social rides - currently there’s a Ladies Social Ride on a Thursday, but we’d love more. If you have a social ride idea and someone to lead it as host, please email: xxxx
  • Event volunteering - if you’re interested, email: xxxxx
  • Social media volunteer, email: xxxxx
  • Social engagement volunteer, email xxxx
  • Community volunteer, email xxxxx