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The RMTBC App allows riders to join RMTBC, keep up to date with the latest club news, events and deals, whilst eliminating the need for the club to mail out individual membership packs, saving time, money and the environment.

The App gives you an individual membership number. This is your proof of membership when signing up for events and proof of membership to receive membership benefits.

Joining for the first time

If you are joining for the first time, WELCOME, just download the App below and sign up, or hit the computer link to sign up.

Renewing your membership

Your membership will expire ONE YEAR after you first joined. You will receive a couple of reminder emails prior to this day to let you know so that you can renew.

Subscription option

When signing up, you can choose a SUBSCRIPTION. This way your membership will renew automatically each year. You will still receive a reminder email that this is due to happen.

The App is designed to be used on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet but there is also a link below to allow you to join on a computer.

Membership fees 

(includes credit card fees which is why it is an odd number!)

  • Adult – $47.37
  • Family – $94.50 (for maximum 2 adults and 3 juniors -under 18)
  • Junior – $36.84




Tips For Getting Started

Once you have successfully downloaded the App to a device or opened the computer friendly link you will first go along to the membership tab and hit the join/renew icon. Select the right membership option for you (Adult, Junior or Family). Complete all the details to set up your account and then hit pay.

Family Membership Tips

When joining as a family make sure you put in all of your family details

Already have a membership?

Then you will need to use the email address that you joined with to access the new app.




1. Can I create an account for my children if they don't have an email address?

Yes you can. They will be listed on the primary member’s account only and will not be able to log into the App should they wish to.

2. I don’t have a smart phone, how do I show proof of membership.

If you don’t have access to a smart phone, you can use the computer link to create your membership. If you are needing to show your proof of membership the RMTBC coordinators and event team members will be able to look you up. 

3. We have two adults and three children. One of my children is 19 years old. Can they be part of our family membership?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Your 19 year old will need an adult membership. The family membership includes two adults only and up to six children.

4. Can I just log into the new App using my email address the old App?

Yes, you will use the existing email address you've already used. If you have access to more than one email address please be sure to be using the correct one, as any Stripe subscription will be connected directly to that.