Triple Crown Enduro

Triple Crown Enduro

The original Rotorua enduro, the one and the only, the Triple Crown. If you know, you know.

Chip butties - Classic

The Triple Crown has a history as the longest standing enduro race in NZ. It was enduro before the sport of enduro developed. The Triple Crown is a fairly relaxed race that possibly doubles as the unofficial Club champs. 

The Triple Crown has a few set guidelines: 

  • It must be in winter
  • It must be rad 
  • It must be followed up with chip butties. 

Primarily the trails that get raced are grade 4/5 so it is recommended that you are confident on these kinds of trails.

Aside from the actual crowns for fastest male and female, this event has a trophy remembering Paddy Avery's favourite track, Hot Cross Buns. So there's a heads up on one of the three race trails! 

Spirit of Enduro – awarded at Triple Crown, this award embodies the spirit of riding bikes. A good deed done. Sportsmanship. All round GC who loves riding their bike. 2021 was award to Sam Shaw for throwing a back flip on the step up at the bottom of the DH trail!  

To keep up with the latest info, check out our Facebook event page and app. (NOTE: that is the 2020 page)


Entry Details

  • The event is open to Club members only!
  • Entries are limited to 100 people
  • Entry fee - check event page
  • Enter online - Link to be posted when available