Rider Development

The primary focus of the Rotorua MTB Club Junior rider Development program is to give young club riders (aged in Year 7 and above) to:

  1. Broaden their MTB skills, ability, and confidence in mountain biking
  2. Introduce riders to the racing environment in a safe and supportive manner.
  3. Extend riders who are already competing and looking to excel

We have 3 different development groups:

Ride Group: Suited to young riders keen to advance their mountain bike specific skills from the basic foundations, but not yet racing. This group runs over 10 weeks either in term 1 or 4 (we have 2 intakes per year). Applications open in terms 3 or 4 for the respective groups.

Compete group: suited to those who are or are keen to begin some racing, broaden their MTB skills and be better prepared for the race environment. This group runs over 10 weeks either in term 1 or 4 (we have 2 intakes per year). Applications open in terms 3 or 4 for the respective groups.


Both the Ride and Compete Groups are suitable skill development for riders interested in all different mountain bike disciplines (Cross Country, Enduro or Downhill).

Podium Group: Suited to established racers, keen to excel in their age group placing and broaden their skill sets for racing nationally. This group runs all year with after school sessions in terms 1 and 4 and weekend sessions over the winter months. Applications open in term 4.

The pathway between the groups is staged but not necessarily linear. i.e riders may be advised to spend time riding, racing, and working with the skills learnt from the compete group before applying for the podium group, although those who excel may be offered a place to apply for the following year.

All groups are subsided by the club (Ride 15%, Compete 30%, Podium 50%).

Applicants must be active club members and aged in year 7 and above. Priority is given to local Rotorua based club members.

Groups will be formed by process of selection in conjunction with Louis Hamilton from Tuned Rotorua.

As part of the scholarship - Riders need to acknowledge and appreciate the opportunity they have been given and help the MTB Club by working in the spirit of cooperation - encouraging, and role modelling for other riders, helping at events etc where possible. Parents can also help with volunteering at club events.

Riders are expected to have a very high level of attendance to all planned skills sessions.

NOTE: Those younger or new to mountain biking - we would recommend you start some after school or holiday  sessions with Tuned Rotorua and come along to one of our Sunday kids group ‘Dirt Church’ rides (details on Facebook).