Our Story

The Rotorua Mountain Bike Club creates an epic riding experience for members.

The Club offers competitive and social events, ride nights, skill clinics and community initiatives too, such as scholarships and the First Response Unit.

There’s plenty of reasons to get amongst this awesome tribe of people!

As a volunteer-driven organisation, the Rotorua MTB Club has punched well above its weight with some massive achievements over the past three decades. 

The Club’s vision is: improving the mountain biking experience in Rotorua. 

You can be confident when you hit the hero dirt here, that you’ll be as safe as possible. That’s because we manage and fund the First Response Unit which ensures you get critical help when you need it - with an average time of 10 minutes for our medics to get to an incident.

In 2021 we merged with Descend, making the Downhill Club part of the overall experience, with amazing support for riders in this discipline.

The Club aims to remove barriers to taking up the sport. We want people of all backgrounds and demographics to be able to jump on a bike and explore the magic of the forest, with accessibility programmes making this aspiration possible. 

As a member of our Club, you’ll experience fun, development, good vibes and the positivity that comes with knowing you’re helping to keep people safe… gotta do it right? Become a member here.