Rider Development

Rider Development, improve your skills

The Club has been running a Rider Development Programme for the past year. This has included a basic skills course, a three session programme for grade three riders pushing into grade four trails and a regular coaching session for riders to build on skills. The beginnings of a racer development team have kicked off too. A recent survey shows that this has all been really well received. 

Our racer development team have completed four skills sessions with Annika Smail, a full day outdoor safety course with Peak Safety and have been riding with our coaches (either John Richardson or Daniel Self) on Sundays scoping race lines and developing skills.

The race team has been exclusively Enduro focused to date, even though some of the riders race XC, DH and BMX as well.

All of these sessions are for members only (adults and kids) and subsidised by the Club. 

Members only skills pathway to advanced descending: 

  • Think about either starting with a 'basic session' OR enrol in our small group sessions for grade three riders looking to progress to grade four
  • Next, start looking at our weekly consolidation in small groups with our coaches
  • Third, think about the advanced descending session for grade four riders. This is targetted at those considering doing the 4 stage 2W (you must have done the grade three course first)

If you can get a group of 6 members together then you can create your own group session.

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If you would like to request a booking or find out what’s coming up please get in contact.

'I would say that we are all now faster without trying. We all enjoyed the sessions as we learnt heaps yet had great fun. Line choice, braking and cornering were the main points we focused on. We now have the mindset that we should have towards races.' - Dylan Walton, 15, Rotorua Lakes High Student