Paddy Avery Trophy

The Paddy Avery Trophy

The Paddy Avery Trophy is awarded to the Most Improved RMTBC Rider annually.

Each year nominations are called for the Paddy Avery Trophy and the winner is announced at the Rotorua Mountain bike Club Annual General Meeting.  The trophy is presented in memory of Patrick Avery, who died suddenly after falling from his bike during a cycle race in December 2012 at age 21.

The trophy was designed and made by Patrick’s father Murray from serpentine and recycled rimu and every year Murray makes a smaller version of the trophy for the recipient to keep.


How to apply + eligibility

To be eligible to be nominated for this trophy the person:

  •   Must be a junior developing rider under 20 years old
  •   Actively competing in Club events
  •   Must be a RMTBC member

To nominate someone you need to email ( and message through a paragraph/CV about the rider outlining their achievements before the date of close of nominations each year.


Remembering Paddy Avery

Patrick (Paddy/Big P) Avery was an outstanding young man. Known for his endearing smile and enthusiasm for life, he was a top mountain biker, trail builder and keen outdoor adventurer.

Paddy spent many hours in the Whakarewarewa Forest and came from a family of competitive mountain bikers.  All three of the Avery children represented New Zealand at the sport.

Paddy worked alongside his father building some of the most popular trails in the forest, one of which was named after Paddy - Paddy’s Run.

The ‘Paddy Avery Trophy’ has become a very prestigious award sought after by many up and coming Rotorua MTB Club riders.  It is a tribute to a wonderful young man who is sadly missed by the mountain biking community.