Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Scholarship

Rotorua Mountain Bike Club Scholarship

Rotorua Mountain Bike Club members can apply for funding assistance.

Up to $500 is awarded per person to help them progress in their sport. To be considered, you must apply via writing, explaining what you would use the money for, and how it would enable you to progress. 

$3000 a year is made available for this assistance.


How to Apply for funding/assistance through the Club

If you are an active member of the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club – then you may be eligible to apply for funding.



  • Race with endorsement to the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club
  • Must have been a Rotorua Mountain Bike Club member for the past 12 months
  • Be an active club member, giving back to the club when not racing
  • Must not be a factory level ride
  • The fund can be applied for annually



Email a proposal through to the Club secretary



Successful applicants will need to write a report detailing events participated in, featuring results and photos.  


As well as funding, we can assist with or facilitate things such as special club sanctioned fundraising events, where all profits go to the selected rider (or riders). 


We are open to receiving such proposals with plenty of notice in advance.